Performance-related heavy vehicle charge - Vehicles licensed abroad

For vehicles licensed abroad the charge is levied by using an ID card and a special HVC clearance terminal. On the first entry to Switzerland/Principality of Liechtenstein, the HVC relevant data of the vehicles are entered into the central IT system. The driver receives a vehicle-specific ID card. At each entry, he enters the card into the clearance terminal and so calls up the saved data. Then he declares by hand the current mileage, the details of the trailer and the method of payment (petrol card, HVC account or cash). He receives a receipt in duplicate which he completes on exit with the current mileage and his signature. Persons paying in cash must go to the customs office and pay an additional processing fee of CHF 10.-. Customs run random checks on the data declared on entry and exit.

HVC clearance terminals may be found at almost all the border crossings. Easy instructions which are displayed on the screen and available in many languages, allow the driver to get along without help from the first time onward.


All foreign lorries and articulated lorries with a maximum permitted total weight of more than 3,5 tons are duly registered for taxation on the first entry to Switzerland. Form 56.60 used in this procedure may be downloaded from this site.

Installation of recording device

Foreign drivers may fit a recording device (on-board unit) on their own accord. Besides correct use of the device, the installation is bound to the following conditions:
  • Opening of an HVC account at the Directorate General of Customs
  • Evidence of sufficient security
  • Installation of the on-board unit at their own expense at an authorized garage (reception point) in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.
Declaration data are read on every exit (communication via radio beacon) and the fee is billed monthly.

Method of payment

Petrol cards

The charge amount owed may be debited using a petrol card connection. On entry, the method of payment option “petrol card” is selected and subsequently the petrol card to be debited is entered. The periodical settlement by the petrol card company and the duplicate of the receipt from the processing terminal make up the HVC receipt.
The Federal Customs Administration has reached an agreement with the following petrol card companies:
DKV Euro ServiceSHELL

HVC account

The charge may be debited on an account which drivers have opened before with the Federal customs administration. Foreign vehicles which have been fitted with a on-board unit, it is compulsory to settle accounts using the HVC account.

Payment in cash

When paying in cash on exit, Swiss customs levies a processing fee of CHF 10.- to issue a HVC receipt.

The corresponding fee amount is paid in cash directly at the counter of the customs office either in Swiss francs or a foreign currency. There is also the option, the pay the amount owing using a one of the following debit/credit cards:

Debit cards:
Credit cards:
- ec-direct
- American Express
- edc-maestro
- Diners-Club
- Postcard
- Eurocard
- Visa card


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