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8 807


In total, 8 807 tonnes of asparagus were imported into Switzerland in 2020. Spain has been the main supplier since 2012. Last year, it accounted for almost half of all imported asparagus. (01.04.2021)




In the year of Brexit, the UK remained our sixth largest market: in 2020, Switzerland exported goods worth CHF 7.8 billion to the UK. Chemical and pharmaceutical products accounted for more than one third of this figure. (01.03.2021)


11 413


In 2020, Switzerland imported 11 413 tons of kiwi fruit, or 1.3 kg per person. Italy was the largest supplier with a share of 50.5%, followed by New Zealand with 30.6%. (01.02.2021)




From January to November 2020, Switzerland imported 640 tonnes of fireworks. Imports have thus been halved compared to 2018. 88% of imported fireworks came from China. (01.01.2021)