QuickZoll: Customs clearance via smartphone

QuickZoll is the official customs clearance application of the FCA for tourist traffic. With QuickZoll private individuals can independently register goods for importation that they purchase abroad for their own use or as a gift and pay any applicable taxes and duties directly. In addition, QuickZoll summarises all the important facts about entry to Switzerland briefly and concisely.

Personal goods which were cleared using QuickZoll may be imported through all border crossings into Switzerland.

Registration is not required to use QuickZoll. No data is collected.

QuickZoll is available for the iOS and Android operating systems and can now be downloaded free of charge.

QuickZoll: initial result of DaziT

The DaziT transformation programme will systematically simplify and digitise FCA services for private individuals and companies by the end of 2026. The application QuickZoll is one of the initial results of DaziT.


Today, private individuals must declare their purchases abroad, holiday souvenirs and gifts for customs clearance verbally or in paper form (declaration box) when crossing the border. The verbal notification can only be made at manned border crossings. Customs clearance is particularly awkward for those arriving by train if they do not want to get out at the border. The Federal Customs Administration (FCA) enters handwritten declarations in its IT systems, calculates the duties payable and sends the assessment to its customers by post - irrespective of whether an amount is due or not.


QuickZoll enables travellers to make private purchases abroad independently and to clear them digitally. More complex cases such as the importation of cars are deliberately excluded and should still be handled at the counter in the customs offices. The main functions are: informing, declaring, calculating, paying and creating a customs receipt.

Target group

Private individuals who are entering Switzerland and are bringing with them goods for private use or as a gift.


The customer can carry out customs clearance irrespective of their location 48 hours before crossing the border. The administrative burden involved in registering and processing customs declarations and the duration of the procedure between customs declaration and payment is greatly reduced. The reduction in paper consumption is beneficial for the environment.

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