DaziT quick wins: prototypes of the FCA 4.0


Before the effects of the DaziT projects themselves are felt, five pilot projects (quick wins) will be implemented in 2018. They should quickly create added value for the population, the economy and the state. They are prototypes of the FCA 4.0. At the same time, they will prepare the FCA for more complex projects by identifying obstacles in good time and taking suitable measures.


E-accompanying documents: Businesses can now submit accompanying documents for customs declarations electronically. The new solution is linked to the existing e-dec customs clearance system.


QuickZoll: The app enables travellers to clear normal purchases made abroad through customs. More complex cases such as the importation of cars are deliberately excluded.


LSVA electronic assessment decisions: Assessments regarding the mileage-related heavy vehicle charge (LSVA) are currently printed out and sent by post. eVV LSVA will enable customers to obtain assessment decisions electronically.


eneXsMobile app: With MAPP devices, the Border Guard can read and check passports/ID cards and fingerprints. The heavy devices will be replaced by a smartphone app which is already use extensively by the Border Guard.


AFV app: Border Guard agents monitor cross-border traffic with cameras. Mobile forces should now be able to view camera images directly on smartphones.