DaziT: for business, with business

DaziT is reducing the cost of customs and tax collection procedures. By the end of 2026, the specialist processes will be gradually simplified, standardised and digitalised throughout.

In the future, companies will be able to meet their obligations around the clock and from any location via an online portal. They will receive an overview of all current and completed transactions. After a one-off registration, they will have access to all of the FCA services. Automatic interfaces will also be offered.

Involvement in the DaziT programme

The increased use of the agile project method in the DaziT programme demands new forms of cooperation between the FCA and business. We want to provide information in a transparent manner and to incorporate the necessary practical knowledge in a targeted way.

Graphik: Zusammenarbeit mit der Wirtschaft

Business will be involved at four levels:

  1. The FCA's management regularly exchanges information with business associations on strategic and technical issues.
  2. The DaziT programme management presents the current state of progress on request via the business associations' communication channels.
  3. The DaziT programme management offers working groups in which interested companies can share their practical experience.
  4. The DaziT programme management provides up-to-date information about DaziT online and informs affected companies in good time before implementing new solutions.

Business advisory group

The business advisory group serves as a bridge between the strategic and operational levels. It meets three to five times a year and deals with overarching issues. All interested business associations and companies are welcome to participate.

Business advisory group meeting 2/2019 (17.06.2019)  

Working groups

DaziT currently offers the following working group(s):


Based on the current schedule, the following milestones are particularly relevant from an economic point of view (rolling planning, adjustments possible). Systematic changes to the system (replacement of e-dec and NCTS) will not take place until 2022/2023.

Q1/2020 Introduction of digitalised beer tax registration via e-portal Parties concerned: Swiss beer brewers
Introduction of Activ and PSA (periodic collective declaration) smartphone apps Parties concerned: Freight forwarding und transportation companies in Switzerland and abroad
Introduction of EETS Parties concerned: foreign transportation companies
Q2/2020 Introduction of e-accompanying documents/e-com  Parties concerned: Freight forwarding companies
Introduction of DocBox for accessing electronic assessment decisions Parties concerned: Small and medium-sized importing or exporting companies that obtain electronic assessment decisions manually (WebGUI, no impact on WebService)
Q1/2021 EIntroduction of ICS 2 phase 1 Parties concerned: Swiss Post (air freight only)