Master data


Brief summary

In the master data project, a central FCA-wide master data platform with SAP-MDG is being created, which centrally manages and maintains the master data. It will replace several existing heterogeneous isolated databases, simplify data maintenance and improve data quality.

Status and outlook

The master data project is under implementation. It is being implemented and managed using an agile method (Scrum). In the course of 2019, the new SAP environment (SAP-MDG, S/4 Hana) for the FCA will be developed and made available. The master data is divided into master data used nationwide (address data of business partners) and FCA-specific master data (e.g. customs tariffs). The migration will take place in two stages: according to current planning, the business partner data will be migrated in the second quarter of 2020 and the FCA master data in the third quarter of 2021.

Object and purpose

Since all master data will now be kept in one place, the FCA will now maintain a master data management system. This is based on the SAP MDG solution. Since the corresponding specialist applications are now decoupled from their respective source systems, it will be easier to maintain data uniformly. Quality checks can be carried out centrally and according to uniform criteria. Overall, data quality will be improved (clear, accurate and up-to-date data). Natural persons and legal entities, as well as the FCA can access, maintain and evaluate their data around the clock. The improved evaluation basis allows for optimised risk analyses, thereby enabling the FCA to carry out more targeted controls. In addition, the FCA processes will become simpler and more efficient.

Results to date

In order to generate synergies, it was decided in summer 2018 to merge the customer administration and master data sub-projects individually planned in the original DaziT roadmap. Both of the former sub-projects (PersDa and StaDa) are based on the same SAP system solution. A prior feasibility study confirmed that the SAP MDG software can be used for both former sub-projects which is why they have now been merged under the master data project.

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