Brief summary

Within the framework of DaziT, a central online portal (e-portal) that will enable customers to access all FCA services around the clock, whatever their location, is being created. A single sign-on is all it takes. FCA employees have direct and mobile access to all relevant specialist applications with the e-portal.

Status and outlook

The e-portal project is currently in the implementation phase. The current focus is on user registration, linking with business partners and business partner and authorisation management.

The project is being implemented using the agile method. Among other things, this involves developing so-called minimal viable products (MVPs) and developing them into a complete system in small steps (increments). An MVP is the first functional version of a product and therefore contains only the minimal functions necessary for use. One of the first MVPs is the beer tax. From user registration to the e-portal, the reconciliation of master data to the form for beer tax, the interaction of all elements of the process chain is to be checked and implemented. The e-portal project is particularly involved in user registration and integration into the e-portal in the implementation of this MVP.

According to the plan, the main functionalities of the e-portal should be ready by the end of the project in mid-2021. Further applications are also to be connected on an ongoing basis thereafter. Large-scale applications such as e-dec and NCTS will not be integrated into the e-portal until the requirements in terms of stability, availability and 24/7 support have been met.

Objective and purpose

The Federal Customs Administration should become simpler: the e-portal will make a key contribution to implementing this vision. The FCA will provide its customers and employees with a uniform, modern and user-friendly platform with which they can access all FCA information and specialist applications irrespective of the time and place. Thanks to a new user administration, a single sign-on is sufficient, thereby eliminating the need for different logins and passwords.

The e-portal will increase transparency and traceability: customers and employees can keep track of all transactions at all times. Any questions can be clarified directly in the e-portal (chat function). Overall, cases should be processed more efficiently and the administrative burden for all parties involved should be reduced.

The e-portal provides an electronic service for messages, notifications and chat for all specialist applications of the FCA.

Results to date

Project initiation was completed in March 2018. In summer 2018, a prototype based on PAMS (Polymorphic Access Management System) was successfully implemented in collaboration with the FDF digitalisation platform.

In order to generate synergies, it was decided in autumn 2018 to merge the e-portal and user administration sub-projects planned in the original DaziT roadmap. They are now being managed as the e-portal project.

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