B2B Gateway

Brief summary

As a technical project, the B2B gateway is building a technical interface (gateway) between the IT systems of the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) and those of companies and partner authorities at home and abroad. This solution can then be used by all applications for secure machine-to-machine communication with business partners outside the FCA.

Status and outlook

The B2B gateway project is in the initialisation phase. At the beginning of 2019, the requirements will be defined, detailed planning prepared, and decisions prepared for the selection of variants and products for the design of the gateway. Initial functions will be implemented by autumn. Project completion is scheduled for the end of 2020. The project will be managed using an agile method.

Object and purpose

The project will have an impact on all FCA specialist applications that are being renewed or newly developed within the scope of the DaziT programme and exchange data with business partners outside the FCA. Instead of each system setting up the interfaces to its surrounding systems itself, the FCA provides a uniform, secure and similar solution, which is cheaper and increases security.

Questions and answers (FAQ)