Redesign AFV

Brief summary

AFV is the German acronym for "automatic vehicle search and traffic surveillance". The software of the cameras installed for this purpose has to be updated. The project will be implemented in cooperation with the programme to harmonise Swiss police information technology (HPi).

Status and outlook

The redesign AFV project is in the concept phase. The new camera software will be procured by means of a public tender. The project requirements are currently being determined, and the tender documentation is being prepared. The tender is planned for the first quarter of 2020.

Objective and purpose

The project's aim is to modernise the software of existing search and surveillance cameras. The use is essentially unchanged: search, hit and transit data will continue to be used on both a stationary and mobile basis for control purposes. The new software should be state of the art in technical terms, and an analysis module as well as a data transfer and acquisition module should be added. The new camera software will be modular in structure so as to meet the different legal requirements of the FCA and the cantons.

Questions and answers (FAQ)