Authorisation management


Brief summary

Authorisation is required for the import, export or transit of certain goods. The authorisation management project enables authorisations issued by the FCA and other federal offices to be applied for and managed centrally and consistently.

Status and outlook

The authorisation management project is in the implementarion phase. Procedures for issuing FCA authorisations will be simplified. As the FCA often acts on behalf of other federal offices and issues authorisations for them (e.g. non-customs legislative instruments), the FCA works closely together with these offices. In this regard, paper-based authorisations will be digitalised and handled together with all other authorisations in a central authorisation management process. This system is being implemented using agile methods, and is scheduled to be introduced together with the specialist applications for goods traffic and duties/domestic taxation in autumn 2023.

Object and purpose

The FCA wants to perform more efficient and effective 360-degree checks. The authorisation management project provides the requisite basis, by using an automated process to provide verified, highly available, high-quality authorisation data.

Questions and answers