Foreign assignments Customs

International Affairs Section

Internationally, the FCA is represented by the International Affairs Section (IAS) and is thus the competence centre for the following key areas:

  • Cooperation and secondment of specialists to international organisations, trade promotion missions and peacekeeping missions in countries where it is politically opportune to do so within the framework of the dispatch on Switzerland's international cooperation (2013-2016)
  • Operations with an international dimension and other «good turns» to reflect well on Switzerland and the FCA
  • Innovation and applied research projects designed to meet the challenges in day-to-day Customs work

The personal safety of our staff is the top priority in this regard. Foreign assignments give our employees the opportunity to get involved internationally. The aim is to contribute to long-term improvements in other countries by means of a high level of cooperation with local authorities.

Our international commitment is based on the following cycle:

  • Recruitment: ambitious candidates are selected from a pool of around 2,000 Civil Customs employees.
  • Preparation: long-term and short-term missions require an intense preparatory phase. The Security Committee supports employees before their deployment.
  • Deployment: the onsite foreign assignment commences with secondment to the target country.
  • Support: employees are cared for and supported by the Security Committee throughout their stay abroad.
  • Evaluation: debriefing takes place upon return to Switzerland in order to make our commitment even more efficient.
  • Integration: the Security Committee assists employees with reintegration into their organisational unit.