Foreign assignments

The Federal Customs Administration has a long-standing tradition of international assignments. They are carried out on behalf of Swiss foreign, peace, security and trade policy.

Internationally, the FCA is represented by the International Affairs Section for civil customs matters and by the BG International Assignments Specialist Area in the case of the Border Guard.

The FCA supports and organises bilateral and multilateral projects for various departments and international organisations. Aside from trade promotion missions and staff deployments in favour of the UN, EU and OSCE, Customs officers carry out numerous short- and long-term capacity building missions to achieve more efficient task performance. By exchanging best practices in technical assistance projects, sustainable structures in the customs arena are developed in collaboration with local administrations.

By deploying staff at Schengen external borders, the FCA makes an important contribution to security at home and abroad. Examples include airline liaison officers at third-country airports, experts in international organisations' peacekeeping missions and air marshals on board Swiss-registered aircraft. The FCA likewise promotes respect for human rights and helps to establish state institutions that function properly in areas affected by conflict.

In doing so, the FCA uses and promotes the potential of its employees, strengthens its core expertise and achieves a positive presence in Switzerland and abroad. This experience and the know-how acquired are enriching for the organisation and for employees alike.

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