Prevention and protection of young people


The alcohol and tobacco division (A AT) focuses primarily on so-called structural prevention. It checks and improves preventive measures and provisions within the framework of the Alcohol Act. Availability restrictions, for example, regulate the access to alcoholic beverages and influence the supply of such. The A AT's tools and task areas include alcohol duties, the monitoring of production and trade, and advertising and drinking age restrictions.

Age restrictions/protection of minors

The legislation prohibits the sale and free-of-charge serving of:

  • Wine, beer and cider to anyone under 16
  • Spirits, aperitifs and alcopops to anyone under 18 

In the event of doubt as to the age of young customers, an official identification document (passport, identity card or driving licence) has to be requested in order to determine their precise age.

A clearly visible sign that specifically draws attention to the sales restrictions has to be installed at the point of sale. The cantons may also apply more stringent laws. For example, absolutely no alcoholic beverages are sold to under 18-year-olds in the canton of Ticino. Individual sales outlets may also apply stricter age limits. In certain stadiums, alcohol is served only to those aged 18 or older.


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