Classification enquiries for domestically produced spirits and alcoholic products

For domestically produced spirits and alcoholic products intended exclusively for the Swiss market, a classification report may be requested from the SPIR Section.

Such information does not include any tariff classifications and is not to be provided for goods intended for export or import.

A classification report is generally provided on the basis of the information submitted and can be sent directly to the Spirits Tax Section via email ( using the form «Information on classification according to the Alcohol Act» with the required documents. Please note «Classification enquiries» in the subject line.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to have the necessary laboratory analyses carried out before submitting the classification enquiries. Samples and specimens do not need to be sent to the SPIR. If samples are required, they will be requested if necessary.

From a legal point of view, written classification report does not constitute a ruling, therefore it does not contain a statement of rights of redress and is not subject to appeal.


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