FCA Special Formation

At the end of the 1990s, observation gained in importance at the Federal Customs Administration (FCA). This was against the backdrop of increasingly organised and conspiratorial criminals. This is why the FCA set up a Special Formation.

The Special Formation is primarily used to support customs investigations. The unit carries out observations that are demanding in terms of time and geography, participates in searches and performs security tasks. Due to this wide-ranging spectrum of assignments, the Special Formation was designed as a mobile task force. The Special Formation thus assumes responsibilities arising in particular from the Customs Act.

The suitability of candidates for the Special Formation is tested in an assessment. The prerequisite is completed basic training. Memory and receptiveness, shooting skills and physical fitness are tested. The selection procedure also includes a psychological evaluation and an aptitude interview. After passing the assessment, the candidates complete a three-month basic training course in which they are prepared for their assignments.

The mobile forces of the Special Formation subsequently undergo further training in order to be able to observe and act as instructors for self-defence or shooting, as paramedics or as emergency technicians.