The Swiss Border Guard is organised into three levels of hierarchy:

  • Strategic level
  • Operational level
  • Tactical level

Strategic level

Swiss Border Guard Command (SBG Com) headquartered at the Directorate General of Customs (DGC) in Bern constitutes the strategic level. It is structured into the following special unit divisions: Staff, Operations, Organisation Management, Technology, Training Unit, and Special Formation. It is headed by the Head of the Swiss Border Guard (H SBG).

Swiss Border Guard Command carries out strategic and operational tasks. These include planning and command of national and international operations, definition of supraregional priorities, operations abroad, and training.

The following organisational units serve additionally as import elements of command support:

Situation and Information Centre (SIC)

The tasks of the Situation and Information Centre (SIC) at the Directorate General of Customs (DGC) in Bern include the analysis of national and international reports, the processing and dissemination of intelligence, and the publication of information bulletins.

Training Centres (TCFCA / COSIT)

The Training Centre of the Federal Customs Administration (TCFCA) in Liestal and the Competence Centre for Security and Intervention (COSIT) in Interlaken are responsible for basic and advanced training.

Operational level

The seven Swiss Border Guard Regions (SBG Reg) constitute the operational level. They are designated with a Roman numeral and their location and are defined according to geotactical criteria. They are each headed by a Border Guard Commander (SBG Cmdr).

The Swiss Border Guard Regions execute operational tasks that cannot be fulfilled centrally. Where needed, these also include supraregional planning and command of major events and operations, definition of priorities, and operations abroad.

Tactical level

The 38 Swiss Border Guard Posts (SBG Po) of the Border Guard Regions constitute the tactical level. They are headed by Heads of Post (HP). The Swiss Border Guard Posts ensure operations and daily execution of services.

The following organisational units serve additionally as import elements of command support:

Swiss Border Guard Operations Centres (SOC BG)

The four Operations Centres in Basel (OC SBG North), Chur (OC SBG East), Chiasso (OC SBG South) and Geneva (OC SBG West) ensure coordination of operations, offer support, and process and disseminate information and search warrants, among other tasks.

Cooperation Centres (CCPD)

The two Cooperation Centres for Police and Customs (CCPD) in Chiasso and Geneva facilitate rapid exchange of information between Switzerland and Italy/France.

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