Operational priorities

In the fulfilment of its responsibilities, the Swiss Border Guard follows the performance mandate of the Federal Customs Administration (PM FCA). This mandate is defined every four years by the Head of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF).

Within this framework, the Swiss Border Guard has established four operational priorities:

  • Border
  • Border region
  • Airport
  • International missions

Operational priority: Border

This includes controls at Swiss Border Guard Posts in road, rail, and ship traffic.

Operational Priority: Border region

This includes controls in in-between territories, the border region, border waters, and cross-border rail traffic.

Operational priority: Airport

This includes passport controls at the international airports in Basel, Geneva and Lugano-Agno as well as controls on non-customs airfields.

Operational priority: International missions

This covers assignments for the European agency for external border security FRONTEX at Schengen external borders, as airline liaison officers (ALO) at international airports abroad and as air and ground marshals on board Swiss planes in international commercial aviation or at foreign airports.

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