General information

Smuggling by criminal organisations and cross-border crime are a challenge for the state and for society. Criminal groups and organisations have worldwide networks and act increasingly professionally. They harm not only the Swiss business location, but also the security and health of the Swiss population.

Uniform Border Guard

The Swiss Border Guard makes an important contribution to combatting these phenomena. It contributes to the protection of the economy and to the security and health of the Swiss population by controlling the movement of goods and persons across the customs border and by policing the border regions.

The Swiss Border Guard also participates in international operations. To defend against criminal acts on board Swiss aircraft on international commercial flights, the Swiss Border Guard also posts Air and Ground Marshals.

Within the scope of these duties, the Swiss Border Guard enforces about 150 legal enactments. It is the federal instrument for:

  • Prevention, intervention and repression in the field of customs and migration.
  • Enforcement of border police concerns and national substitution measures, in cooperation with the cantons.
  • Operations for the European border security agency FRONTEX.

As a national corps, the Swiss Border Guard is able to establish national control priorities in a very short time.