Swiss Border Guard SBG

The Border Guard (BG) performs tasks throughout Switzerland in the areas of customs, security and migration in a wide variety of traffic types, both at the border and in the border areas, as well as in rail traffic and at air-ports.

The tasks are carried out in coordination and cooperation with domestic and foreign partner authorities (police corps, fedpol, State Secretariat for Migration, Frontex, etc.). Cooperation includes, for example:

  • joint controls/actions,
  • mutual support,
  • exchange of information,
  • partly joint training courses.

The BG has been an integral and recognised part of the Switzerland's security landscape for 125 years.

It is divided into three hierarchical levels and is managed by the head of the BG.

Strategic level (Command)

The BG Command (in Bern) with its command areas forms the strategic level. This includes e.g.:

  • planning and commanding national and international operations
  • managing supra-regional personnel planning
  • organising operations and defining the training content.

Operational levels (Regions)

The seven Border Guard Regions (BG Reg) constitute the operational level. This includes managing major events, operations and the definition of priorities. The commanders lead the regions and post leaders.

Tactical level (Posts)

The 38 Border Guard Posts (BG Po) and 4 Operations Centres form the tactical level. They are led by post leaders who ensure the day-to-day performance of their field duties. They carry out control activities in all modes of transport and combat smuggling, irregular migration and cross-border crime.

Swiss Border Guard
Regions Command

Border Guard Region I

OM Cmd Area
Border Guard Region II Op Cmd Area
Border Guard Region III Engineering Cmd Area
Border Guard Region IV Staff Cmd Area
Border Guard Region V Comd Sp Tng Cmd Area
Border Guard Region VI SPFO Cmd Area
Border Guard Region VIII