The main task of the FCA is to contribute to the safety and protection of the population, the economy, the Swiss state and the environment. The FCA employs around 4500 people. We are active at home, at the borders and abroad.

The DaziT programme simplifies, optimises and digitalises customs, tax and duty collection and control processes. This leads to a total transformation at all levels of the organisation: organisational structure and culture, processes, tools, infrastructure, legal bases, education and training, etc. The goals will be achieved in stages and internet content will be continuously adapted accordingly.

At present, the organisation of the FCA is based on the three units: Customs, Border Guard and Prosecution. These fulfil the core tasks of the FCA.

New regional structure with six regional levels. As part of a reorganisation, the FCA is adapting its regional structure: the regional level heads are in charge of the Border Guard and Customs in their area of responsibility.

  • Customs North: BS, BL, AG
  • Customs Northeast: SH, TG, ZH, ZG, SZ, LU, OW, NW, GL
  • Customs East: SG, AI, AR, GR, FL
  • Customs South: UR, TI
  • Customs West: GE, VD, VS
  • Customs Central Switzerland: JU, NE, BE, FR, SO