Christian Bock, Director

Christian Bock, Director

Michaela Schärer, Vice Director

Michaela Schärer, Deputy Director, Head of CUSTOMS

Jürg Noth, Vice Director

Jürg Noth, Deputy Director, Head of Swiss Border Guard SBG

Eveline Gugger Bruckdorfer, Vice Director

Eveline Gugger Bruckdorfer, Vice Director, Resources Main Division

Martin Weissleder, Vice Director

Martin Weissleder, Vice Director, Personnel and Training Division

Isabelle Emmenegger

Isabelle Emmenegger, Vice Director, DaziT Programme

Urs Bartenschlager

Urs Bartenschlager, Customs Investigation Main Division

Anja Herren

Anja Herren, Legal and Political Affairs Division