After successful completion of the advanced training module in the third year of service, further career opportunities will be open to you as a border guard. We will support you in your career path and enable you to take part in various further training courses and developments.

Potential professional profiles include:

  • Service dog handler
  • Document consultant
  • Vehicle inspection specialist, ion mobility spectrometer (IMS) specialist, or mobile X-ray baggage scanner (MOGRA) specialist
  • Deployment with the Special Formation of the Federal Customs Administration (SPFO FCA)
  • Civilian Aviation Security Officer (TIGER/FOX), or for the European border security agency FRONTEX abroad

Our management consists of:

  • Assignment leaders
  • Team leaders
  • Post heads
  • Unit heads
  • Officers

Border guards who have embarked on a management career path attend management courses at the Swiss Police Institute (SPI) and the Federal Training Centre (FTC). They can also take the Advanced PET Diploma Examination at the tertiary level.