Border guard

Do you want to make a contribution to the economy as well as to the security and health of the Swiss population by

  • combatting organised smuggling and cross-border crime?
  • protecting the interests of Switzerland at home and abroad?

Then apply to be a border guard with Federal PET Diploma!

Bewerbung als Grenzwächter

Border guard: professional profile

Border guards operate on behalf of Switzerland and its inhabitants around the clock: at the border, in the border region, in cross-border trains, on border waters, at airports, and also abroad. Their work is autonomous and varied, and they maintain close contact with the population and persons from abroad.

Daily work and interactions with a wide range of people create new demands for flexibility on a daily basis. Checking people means evaluating, deciding, and reacting accordingly. This requires a high degree of expertise and insight into human nature.

This profession is not entirely without risk. You will encounter people who are in conflict with the law. You will also see things which are not always pleasant.

A border guard's role extends well beyond the actual border.