Border Guard

Border Guards

Border Guards are engaged on behalf of Switzerland and its inhabitants around the clock - at the border, in the border region, in cross-border trains, on border waters, at airports, and also abroad. Their work is autonomous and varied, and they have close contact with the population and persons from abroad.

Daily work and interactions with a wide range of people create new demands on your flexibility every day. Inspecting a person means evaluating, deciding, and reacting accordingly. This requires a high degree of expertise and insight into human nature.

This career is not entirely without risk. You will encounter people who are in conflict with the law. You will also see things that are not always pleasant.

Border Guard To the borders - and beyond!

What we offer

  • We offer extensive and varied training with many opportunities for basic and advanced training.
  • We offer work with a high degree of self-responsibility that poses real challenges and creates interesting opportunities for development and advancement.
  • We offer progressive employment conditions and good benefits in accordance with the Federal Personnel Act.

What we require

  • Swiss citizenship or dual citizenship. Dual citizens may not have served in any foreign armed services
  • A Federal Advanced S-Level Diploma showing at least three years of basic vocational training or an equivalent certification (e.g. baccalaureate)
  • Between 20 and 35 years of age
  • Height of at least 168 cm for male applicants and 160 cm for female applicants
  • Good intellectual, emotional and physical capacity
  • Good swimmer
  • Corrected or uncorrected vision of at least 0.7 in the better eye and 0.5 in the worse eye, uncorrected binocular at least 0.1
  • Normal ability to discern colours
  • Normal hearing
  • Good repute
  • Category B driving licence

You should also have basic qualities such as the ability to work in a team, sociability, communication skills, quick learning ability, autonomy, assertiveness, reliability, and endurance.


Training as a Border Guard lays the foundation for a professional career and lets people implement what they have learned in practice every day and work in a modern and need-oriented manner. Training is demanding and only for people with clear goals who are willing to perform.

The three-year training program as a Border Guard (basic and advanced training) is modular, with modern teaching and learning methods such as the Learning Management System.

Theoretical training takes place at the Training Centre of the Federal Customs Administration (TCFCA) in Liestal, Canton of Basel-Landschaft. Practical training takes place in the region where you are assigned.


The maximum annual salary (including 13th month salary) of a border guard is CHF 98,662. Added to this are allowances for shiftwork, night duty and working on Sundays.

For appointments to specialist or management positions, a different salary class will apply and the maximum annual salary will rise accordingly.

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