The Customs Administration is the largest administration unit in the Finance Department with 4000 employees. Here you will find the management staff.


We make a considerable contribution to the security and protection of the population, the economy, the Swiss state and plants and animals.


We are in a process of change. The organisational charts which are being updated continuously, show our organisation in Switzerland.

Legal basis

We operate on the basis of Article 133 of the Federal Constitution and the Customs Act. According to these, the Confederation is responsible for customs duties and other duties.

Careers and training

We train customs experts, border guards and assayers and provide various types of apprenticeships and internships.

Job opportunities

Job vacancies in the Confederation (Stellenangebot des Bundes) provides information on vacancies with us and in other federal authorities.The content is available in German, French or Italian.

Customs museum in Cantine di Gandria, Lugano

Opening season at the Customs Museum april 15th 2016


We have various support units and contact points on different topics and systems such as for example foreign trade statistics, general customs questions and freight applications.