Warning against fraudulent messages

Citizens have recently been receiving growing numbers of messages that supposedly originate from the Federal Customs Administration. The Federal Customs Administration is issuing a warning concerning these messages and recommends ignoring them and deleting them.

More and more frequently, citizens are receiving phishing messages as text messages or e-mails that supposedly originate from the Federal Customs Administration (FCA). Swiss Customs would like to point out that it does not send information by text message or e-mail when financial transactions are involved. Consequently, Swiss Customs recommends ignoring and deleting the messages.

Currently, phishing mails with the senders notification@ezv.admin.ch, suivi-colis@ezv.admin.ch, service@ezv.admin.ch, service-client@ezv.admin.ch are circulating. These do not originate from the Federal Customs Administration.

If you receive phishing e-mails, you can contact the National Cyber Security NCSC which provides information on an ongoing basis on phishing e-mails and other online risks.

People cheated out of money as a result of the message can file charges at their local police station and also notify NCSC.

General information on online risks can be found on the NCSC website.

Examples of fraudulent e-mails sent in the name of the customs administration