Customs app "Travel & goods"


The official Federal Customs Administration FCA app contains information about importing foodstuffs, souvenirs, etc. and is aimed at private individuals. It therefore simplifies your entry into Switzerland and helps you decide which souvenirs, electronic articles and such like to buy when you are abroad or when shopping online.

The "Travel and goods" app is available here for free:

In the app find out about:

  • Entry requirements: passport, visa, customs procedures
  • Shopping abroad (duty-free allowances): duty-free limits for alcohol, tobacco and foodstuffs
  • Crossing the border with animals and plants
  • Crossing the border in a vehicle
  • Bans and restrictions (trademark piracy, souvenirs, medicines etc.)

You will also find our information concerning online shopping and postal/courier services.

Border crossings on the main routes are listed according to distance from your current location, i.e. the customs office nearest to you is listed first.

An internet connection is required to start the app for the first time. Once this has been accessed, all contents are also available offline.