Watches, jewellery and precious metals

What do I need to look out for when buying jewellery or watches in foreign countries?

If you buy jewellery or watches in foreign countries, you should be particularly careful: During inspections, apparent bargains often turn out to be defective or even forgeries. (e.g. counterfeited brand-name goods or faked precious metals stamps). Zero tolerance for forgeries: customs are obliged to confiscate and destroy the falsifications.

How do I recognize counterfeit watches and jewellery?

Many of today’s counterfeit watches and jewellery are made so carefully that even specialists require special equipment in order to identify them. High prices are no guarantee for impeccable quality: even an expensive piece of jewellery can be a for-gery. Nor are hallmarks proof of authenticity. Therefore, in foreign countries, valu-ables should be purchased only from recognized specialist shops.

What is the tax-free allowance for importation of jewellery and watches?

If no other goods are imported, the tax-free allowance for importation of jewellery and watches is CHF 300 (total value) per person per day provided you travel with the goods in the tourist traffic. Our QuickZoll app helps you to calculate possible taxes and duties.

Further info

Customs Info - Clearing Swiss Customs without Delay (PDF, 1 MB, 01.01.2021)With this brochure, we wish to help make your passage through Swiss Customs a smooth one. Are you familiar with our QuickZoll app?