Vehicles (road vehicles, boats, aircrafts, etc.)

Special cases

Road vehicles

If the requirements for the assessment as household effects are not fulfilled, at your request the customs office issues a customs permit (form 15.30) so that you may use the vehicle for two years in Switzerland uncleared and untaxed.

If your vehicle was registered abroad in the name of another family member, you require written confirmation from this person. It must be clear from this that you are effectively the owner of the vehicle and that you yourself used this vehicle previously abroad. Please submit the confirmation to the customs office without being solicited to do so.  

Students and foreign workers

The specific provisions of the assessment can be found under passenger cars.

Registration in Switzerland

For registration with a Swiss number plate, the customs office issues a proof of customs clearance form for the attention of the cantonal agencies and/or the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (form 13.20A for vehicles; form 15.10 for boats; form 15.15 for aircrafts).

Further information on registration can be obtained from the following offices:  

  • For road vehicles the cantonal vehicle licensing offices:

  • For boats the cantonal water transportation offices:

  • For aircrafts the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA):