Pyrotechnic articles (fireworks)

We are responsible for monitoring bans on imports, exports and the transit of goods. To protect the population, it is thus our responsibility to check compliance with the provisions when pyrotechnic articles are imported.


Concerning pyrotechnic items, a distinction is made according to their intended use, namely those that are

  • for commercial purposes, such as flares and signalling devices, hail-preventing rockets, bird-scaring petards, theatrical fireworks, etc.
  • for leisure activities, such as fireworks in categories 1 - 4

Provisions in tourist traffic

Safe-to-handle fireworks under categories 1 - 3 may be imported without authorisation in tourist traffic up to a total gross weight of 2.5 kg per person per day, whereby the maximum quantities may not be aggregated for several people.

Example: One firework battery with a gross weight of 5kg for 2 people; firework battery cannot be divided; therefore no right to the exemption limit.

Warning: this regulation does not apply to pyrotechnic items for commercial purposes, or to fireworks under category 4 for commercial use. In these cases, import authorisation will always be required.

Pyrotechnic articles which are not considered safe to handle are fireworks that explode on the ground such as firecrackers, bangers, comet petards, jumping crackers, "ghost frightener" fireworks, "tiger" fireworks, "thunder" fireworks, etc. Importation of articles of this nature is prohibited.

Authorisation and information

To import any pyrotechnic articles for commercial purposes, you will require authorisation upon importation; this also applies to fireworks weighing more than 2.5 kg for personal use in tourist traffic. Authorisation and information can be obtained from:

Federal Office of Police
Central Office for Explosives
Guisanplatz 1A
3003 Bern

Tel.: +41 58 462 40 00


  • The importation of unauthorised pyrotechnic articles is prohibited. Violations of this ban are liable to prosecution.

  • Prohibited pyrotechnic articles will be confiscated and destroyed by the competent cantonal authorities.


Federal Office of Police Central Office for Explosives
Guisanplatz 1A
3003 Bern
+41 58 462 40 00

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