Export vehicles

A lump-sum charge is levied for provisionally registered vehicles that are intended for exportation.

When issuing the provisional number plates and vehicle registration documents, the cantonal vehicle licensing office collects the PSVA for the remaining time the vehicle is to spend in Switzerland. The charge is levied in all cases, even if the vehicle is equipped with an on-board unit.

PSVA export tariffs (available in German, French and Italian)

If the proof of payment issued by the cantonal vehicle licensing office is set to expire before departure from Switzerland, you must

  • use declaration form 15.93 to pay the charge for the necessary number of days at the nearest customs office


  • deposit the sum for the necessary number of days in postal account no. 30-704-6, in favour of the Directorate General of Customs, Heavy Vehicle Charge, Bern (rates in accordance with declaration form 15.93, available in German, French and Italian)

before it expires.

The proof of payment must always be carried in the vehicle for trips in Switzerland and be presented when crossing the border.

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