Approved Exporter

Approved Exporters are entitled to make out origin declarations on their invoices disregarding any value limit and are also exempted from the obligation of signing such documents. For the trade in goods within areas covered by free trade agreements in which movement certificates EUR-MED and/or EUR.1 and origin declarations are foreseen they are therefore not required to fill in a movement certificate and make it validate by a Customs office.

The Free Trade Agreement Switzerland-China foresees an additional electronic transmission of the origin declaration by an electronic data exchange procedure. Please refer to the links at the bottom of the German version of this page (under the header "EA Datenaustausch mit China").

Application for an authorisation to issue proofs of origin in the simplified procedure

If this procedure is of any interest to you, then please send your legally signed, written request to the appropriate District Directorate of Customs. For the legal validity of the signatures the customs administration bases itself on the names of the persons and the handwritten signatures as they appear in the Cantonal Commercial registers (Switzerland) or the Trade registry (Liechtenstein).

The District Directorate of Customs responsible depends on the company's head office domicile:

Cantons BE, SO, BL, BS, LU, OW, NW and AG:
District Directorate of Customs I
Elisabethenstrasse 31
P.O. Box 149
4010 Basel

Cantons ZH, SH, TG, SG, AR, AI, ZG, UR, SZ, GL, GR and the Principality of Liechtenstein:
District Directorate of Customs II
P.O. Box 1772
8201 Schaffhausen

Cantons GE, JU, VD, NE, FR and VS:
District Directorate of Customs III
P.O. Box
1211 Geneva 28

Canton TI
District Directorate of Customs IV
P.O. Box 5525
6901 Lugano

Written applications should be sent to the relevant District Directorate of Customs along with a fully completed information sheet in Excel format (via e-mail or on data storage media).

Questionnaire for Approved Exporters (holder of the authorisation and applicant)

Step-by-step instructions
·        Download the information sheet (Excel format)
·        Save in your personal filing system
·        Complete the information sheet and save again
·        Click on the link below to create a new e-mail
·        Add the completed information sheet to the e-mail as an attachment
·        E-mail subject: "Request for an Approved Exporter authorisation"
·        Indicate in the message when the written request was sent
·        Send the e-mail to:

District Directorate of Customs I
District Directorate of Customs II
District Directorate of Customs III
District Directorate of Customs IV

Please note that macros need to be used for the completion of the information sheet. They must therefore not be deactivated. If necessary adjust the macro setting in Excel under "Options".

Please contact the relevant District Directorate of Customs in case you should encounter technical problems.

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