Common Transit Procedure (CTP)

The Common Transit Procedure (CTP) is a simple and cost-efficient way to transport uncleared goods through several countries. For this purpose, a guarantee must be provieded in the country in which the transit procedure originates. The guarantee is then released upon completion of the procedure.

The CTP is currently employed in the EU, in Turkey, in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and in the Republic of Serbia with respect to road, rail and air traffic. The procedure (also known as NCTS - New Computerised Transit System) is carried out electronically.

The transit accompanying document, which is generated by the system when the procedure is initiated, serves as the customs document and must be printed out by you. This document must accompany the consignment. The document also indicates whether the goods are in free circulation within the EU (T2 goods or Union goods) or whether they are other goods (T1 goods).

The transit procedure is tied to a transit period within which the goods must be presented to the customs office of your choice.

The goods are identified by means of a precise description (type of goods, quantity, article/serial number, etc.) or with a customs seal (customs lead seal, tyden seal, etc.).

As the transit procedure is carried out electronically, a corresponding program and an IT connection with us are required. Haulage companies or customs clearance agencies have such a connection.

Further information on the NCTS system for electronic transit declarations is available at NCTS.

Our opening hours and addresses

Please note the customs office opening hours for the declaration (customs clearance) of merchandise. Declarations can be made from Monday to Friday during clearance hours; some customs offices are also open on Saturday mornings.

The detailed opening hours are available in the list of customs offices.

Foreign customs administrations

We are not able to provide you with any information on foreign regulations. Please direct your query to the foreign customs authority.