Payments / invoices

You can pay your invoices either by direct debit or by e-bill. Find out more about the payment methods here.

Methods of payment

Direct debit

If you decide to participate in the direct debit/business direct debit, fill out the debit authorisation and send it to your bank. The bank will then complete the bottom part and forward section B to the FCA, Finances and Controlling Division.

The duties payable will be directly debited from your bank account (PostFinance is not accepted). In the case of payments via direct debit, the payment deadlines will be fulfilled (see below).

The advantages to you when you use direct debit:

  • You no longer have to think about payment deadlines.
  • Paperwork is no longer necessary.
  • Reminders are avoided.


It is also possible to order your invoices electronically. With e-billing, you can make your payment paperlessly, simply and securely. The mandatory payment deadlines apply (see below). Further information can be found on the following websites:

Payment deadlines

The payment deadlines vary depending on whether they concern customs duties or value added tax:

  • Customs duties must be paid within 5 days in accordance with Art. 69 of the Customs Act.
  • A payment period of 60 days is granted for value added tax, provided that the conditions pursuant to Art. 56, para. 2 of the VAT Act apply.

Also to be noted:        

  • Payments must be made in favour of the Federal Customs Administration FCA, 3003 Bern.
  • Use only the payment slip with the corresponding reference number that you receive from the FCA.
  • If payment with the orange payment slip is not possible and you use another payment method, please note your invoice and CSP account number under the reason for payment.
  • If possible, avoid collective payments that include several invoices. If you nonetheless make a collective payment, you must specify all invoice numbers and your CSP account number under the reason for payment. In addition, a detailed notification must be sent in advance to our central email address
  • A CSP account is not a current account. Therefore, always pay the exact invoice amount. Do not deduct any credit. Partial payments cannot be accepted.


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