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Here you will find the contact details for further questions on the centralised settlement procedure (CSP) of the Federal Customs Administration. Depending on the question or problem, you will be directed to the right contact person.

Problems and questions Point of contact and contact details

Assessment decision/bordereau is incorrect

Guidance on understanding assessment decisions/bordereaux (Tariff, calculation, etc.)

Your haulage firm or Customs offices  

Invoice is incorrect due to error in the assessment decision/bordereau

> Request correction from haulage firm
> Pay invoice
> Credit will follow

Correction assessment decision by haulage firm/Customs offices
Transfers to another CSP account Correction by haulage firm

Misuse of your CSP account

Report by means of document copies at the Customs offices
Questions / Problems DocBox DocBox (

Technical questions on customs client administration (ZKV)

Technical problems downloading decisions/bordereaux

Please note that you only have 90 days to access bordereaux.

ICT Service Centre

CSP account (open, blocked accounts, account closure, etc)

Questions about invoices if the assessment decision/bordereaux are correct

Obtaining invoice copies and open item lists

Methods of payment (payment slip, direct debit, E-billing)

Payments deadlines, repayment agreement

Notify changes of address

Finances Division

Tel.: +41 58 463 76 40
(09:00 - 11:00am/14:00 - 16:00pm)

E-mail: CSP contact form

Postal address: Federal Customs Administration FCA, Finances Division, Taubenstrasse 16, 3003 Bern

Further info

General customs enquiries

FCA Information Office: +41 58 467 15 15

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