Tarif quotas

Attention: the second share of Tariff Quotas 2018 for equine species is used up. Imports can be made at the quota rate when the new Tariff Quotas for horses will be available again (on the 1st of January 2019).

Tariff quotas are commitments in the agricultural sector to grant market access to a specific quantity of products at a reduced rate of duty under certain conditions. A distinction is made between

  • individual allocations by the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) and

  • collective quotas (preferential tariff quotas, global quotas) of the Federal Customs Administration (FCA).

Customs declaration

Tariff quotas are are managed with an electronic system for quota management called "e-quota". Consequently, merchandise under quota is subject to mandatory customs clearance with "e-dec Import" or "e-dec web".

Customs declarations are checked and processed accordingly directly when the import customs declaration is transmitted. The IT system "e-dec Import" rejects non-compliant customs declarations.

Status of FCA collective quotas, grouped by enactment