Other FCA directorates

The Operations and Prosecution directorates perform the core tasks of the FCA. The other directorates draw up the basic principles for these units and support them in their activities.

Risk Analysis and Analytics

Based on forward-looking risk and situation analyses, the Risk Analysis and Analytics Directorate determines which checks are to be performed by the FCA. It is the competence centre for data collection, processing and dissemination. It also prepares Switzerland's foreign trade statistics.

Planning and Steering

The Planning and Steering Directorate is the FCA's overarching steering body, with various horizontal tasks such as personnel and training, policy staff and communications. It focuses on corporate development and the potential risks. The DaziT transformation programme and Precious Metals Control are also part of this directorate.


The Policy Directorate is responsible for legal aspects, covering areas such as duties and levies, customs tariffs, free trade agreements and border control systems. It decides on the submission of court appeals or complaints, and advises the FCA's other organisational units on correct legal procedure. This directorate also coordinates international operations, is responsible for (inter-)departmental and parliamentary business and represents the FCA in national and international bodies.


The Support Directorate contains the IT, infrastructure, logistics, finance and procurement units.