Definition and objectives

The e-dec Import module, together with the Transit and e-dec Export modules, makes up the e-dec cargo processing product. Some of the specifications for those two modules are also valid for this one. Those specifications will not be repeated here.

The specifications defined within the framework of the e-dec Import module cover the areas specific to importation which have not already been explained in the Transit and Export modules or which include specifications for Import that differ from those that apply to Transit and Export.


Use cases

The specifications are composed of use cases (functions). Each use case is analysed and described individually. Each use case generally contains a specific function to be considered in isolation, which within the framework of the assessment of imported goods must be carried out either by hand or using a technical system under certain conditions (to validate an import customs declaration, for example).

The individual use cases are described according to the principle outlined below.


Use cases which belong together can be grouped into one functional area or area of responsibility. Several use cases which together form a more or less complete area of responsibility, are referred to as a package.

The entire e-dec Import module is divided into individual packages, and these in turn are divided into individual use cases. The precise divisions can be seen in the Import business model.