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Information individuals

Personal goods

Personal goods are goods including animals and plants which are not intended to be sold or traded. No commercial purpose is pursued with the goods (no resale).

Please note that the term "personal goods" does not refer to:

  • deliveries on behalf of a person for consideration (e.g. furniture);
  • goods transported by farmers and restaurant owners for their business;
  • all services performed for a person under a contract for works (e.g. delivery and installation of a kitchen in a home).

Information on this can be found under Information companies.

Tourist traffic

In tourist traffic, private individuals take their personal goods across the customs border when going on an excursion or journey. These are referred to as goods in tourist traffic. 

When must I declare goods?

If you are only carrying personal goods which are exempt from VAT and duty and are not subject to any bans or restrictions, you may proceed across the border without formally declaring anything. In this case, you may also:

  • select the green channel in airports;
  • place the green "nothing to declare" sign on the dashboard of the car.

Further information on declarations: Declaring goods

Postal and courier services - online shopping

Personal goods which are delivered by post, a courier or by other means to Switzerland will be treated as merchandise (Information companies). There are no duty-free allowances and the tax-free limit is not applicable.

Information is available under: Online shopping, mail and courier consignments.

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