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Importation into Switzerland

Duty-free imports in tourist traffic

When you return from abroad or enter Switzerland, the following goods for your personal use or as gifts may be imported duty-free, if they aren't determined for commerce.

Personal effects
These include personal effects which:

  • persons living in Switzerland took with them when going abroad, or items that they had to acquire and use abroad owing to unforeseeable circumstances;

  • persons living abroad use during their stay in Switzerland and re-export when they leave.

Included are items of clothing, underwear, toiletries, sports gear, photographic/film/video cameras, mobile phones, portable computers, musical instruments and other consumer items of a personal nature.

Travelling provisions
Foodstuffs ready to eat and non-alcoholic beverages for the day of travelling. 

Fuel that is in the tank of private vehicles is duty-free. Additional fuel (e.g. in a reserve fuel can) is also duty-free up to a maximum amount of 25 litres. The allowances are granted only once per vehicle per day. More information

Duty-free allowances and limits

Attention sign

N.B.: Please note that the provisions in tourist traffic will change from 1 July 2014. The most important information is as follows: New provisions in tourist traffic from 1 July 2014

Alcoholic beveragesTobacco goodsOther goods

For those aged 17 or over, the following are duty-free: 2 litres up to 15% vol.
and 1 litre more than 15% vol.

More information

For those aged 17 or over, the following are duty-free: 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco.
More information

Goods worth a maximum of CHF 300 in total are duty-free.
More information

Please note that maximum amounts apply for certain agricultural products and customs duty may also be applicable.

More information

Excess quantities: subject to customs duty and VAT

Total value greater than CHF 300: duty payable on total value!

The allowances and limits are granted only once per person per day. We are unable to refund foreign VAT. Information on this and on other countries' duty-free allowances can be obtained from the WCO or from the corresponding foreign representation in Switzerland.


Please note that certain goods (e.g. certain plants, animals, goods that are subject to species protection, counterfeits, weapons, etc.) are subject to import bans or specific restrictions. More


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