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Information companies

Definition of companies

Firms or companies are undertakings that pursue a commercial purpose, where the focus is usually on turnover/profit-making.

Definition of merchandise (commercial goods traffic)

The cross-border movement of merchandise includes the importation, exportation and transit of all goods that are used by companies, including one's own business or restaurant. Also bringing goods across the border on behalf of a private individual or company is considered commercial goods traffic. This applies also to services performed under a contract for works (e.g. delivery and installation of a kitchen in a home).

All merchandise must be brought to the nearest Swiss customs office and be declared electronically.

Under "Most searched keywords" you will find the information about the most asked cases.

Calculating probable duties

The corresponding tariff number for your goods can be found in the customs tariff - Tares (www.tares.admin.ch). The notes to the tariff number show the basis for calculating the customs duty, VAT and other taxes, as well as any necessary authorisations or restrictions.

Additional information can be found at: Customs Tariff - Tares.

Further links lead to information on:

Once you have found all the necessary information, you...

  • can either declare your goods electronically with the appropriate application or
  • have them declared by a  customs clearance agency/freight forwarder.

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