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Trade in gold, silver and coins

Following the decision of the Federal Council, the Federal Customs Administration provides statistical data on Swiss foreign trade in gold, silver and coins broken down by country of origin and destination as follows:

Data starting from 2012

The monthly country-based data starting from 2012 can be found separately in the publicly accessible Swiss-Impex database.

Historical data (1982-2013)

The annual country-based data is available in Excel format for the period 1982-2013 on our website.

Important information for users of the Swiss-Impex database

Data on Switzerland's foreign trade in gold is contained in the general total (total 2) starting in the data for 2012 and correspondingly increases this level considerably. Due to this change in methodology, the results of 2012 can not be compared to those for the previous year.

The data based on the business cycle total (total 1) is not affected by this in any way.

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