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The customs magazine is available in German, French or Italian.

Chicken falls under the meat category, but fish does not. This together with other facts will be clarified in the updated FAQs about the new provisions on tourist traffic – or in the free customs app "Travel & Goods".

The new corporate design of the Federal Administration websites will be introduced in the second week of July. The internet address, the content structure and the texts will remain unchanged - just the layout will be restructured.

The temporary use of foreign private vehicles by persons resident in Switzerland is prohibited in principle.

Brochure "Clearing Swiss Customs without delay" from 1 July

111 countries took part in the international "PANGEA" week of action to combat illegal trading in medicines online. Switzerland has been involved in this operation, coordinated by Interpol and other organizations, since 2007.
During this year's operation, Swiss customs, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products Swissmedic and the Antidoping Switzerland Foundation confiscated 125 illegal shipments of medicines or doping agents from other countries. Illegal imports of narcotic-containing medicines have increased.

The entire Customs Administration can now be contacted on 058 numbers.

A revision of the Customs Ordinance and Agra-Introduction Ordinance will simplify the assessment of goods in tourist traffic and speed up the crossing of borders. The ordinance amendments approved by the Federal Council at its meeting today will enter into force on 1 July 2014.

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Article 1 - 8 from 26

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