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The number of medicinal products being illegally imported into Switzerland via the Internet remains constant. Erectile stimulants are still the commonest illegally imported preparations. By contrast, the number of illegally imported slimming preparations has declined sharply. 103 countries participated in this year's "PANGEA IX" week of action to combat illegal online trading in medicinal products.

The customs magazine is available in German, French or Italian.

Citizens have recently been receiving growing numbers of messages that supposedly originate from the Federal Customs Administration. The Federal Customs Administration is issuing a warning concerning these messages and recommends ignoring them and deleting them.

How much meat can I import into Switzerland exempt from tax and duty? And how much can I spend on shopping abroad each day without having to pay VAT? The Federal Customs Administration has made a video on the most important regulations in tourist traffic so that these and other questions can be explained briefly and understandably. This should make crossing the border easier for private individuals.

Bern, 4 April 2016 – As of today, general queries from the public and companies will be dealt with by a central information office. The new service is available in German, French, Italian and English at the telephone number 058 467 15 15 from Monday to Friday.

A border guard at work
Swiss Customs working for the economy, security and health of the nation

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Article 1 - 8 from 44

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